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My Dad has sent me to a private school from the age of 3, I am 15 now and approaching my last year of school in September. I am dyslexic and struggle with processing verbal questions, but this was only found out a few months ago due to a brain examination. I do not see this as an excuse for bad grades and neither do either of my parents, due to the predicted grades I should receive (A's and A*). Although because I have been in this school from a very young age, I feel pressured...in a way that my parents have paid so much that I have to get good grades. I feel so stressed that sometimes, I just sit and cry and wonder wether it is worth the struggle,

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  • Twelve years of private school and nobody suspected dyslexia before now? Your parents need to sue the shit out of that school

  • Don't worry. There was someone in my computer science class at college who is dyslexic, and he was the cleverest of all of us. Use any extra time in exams to check your answers and you'll be among the highest grades in the country if you put the effort in now.

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