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Life just seems to be going down hill for me, I only make about 1,500$ a month I spend about 120$ on my phone, 360$ for my car note and insurance combined, 200$ on food and I just got in accident and I have to pay 500$ to cover my deductible, I have no savings im 19 and on my own 795 miles away from anyone I know, Im in the Army and cant really relate to anyone around me life is just so dull and never seems to be getting any better for me.

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  • You could probably make some good money moonlighting as a male prostitute on Backpage. Business men eat that military cock up like it's going out of style

  • Your a pvt aren't you? You're the guy that bought shit he couldn't afford because he finally made a little cash. You need to sit with your Nco, look at your options to include AER and stop whining. You're probably the guy in the company that can't get help because he either doesn't ask for it, or complains about it too much

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