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I like this guy. I have a best friend who's a girl. She seems to get closer to him than I am despite me knowing him first. I can't help but be jealous. She knows I like him. She tells me she likes someone else. I feel that she isn't interested in him. But I still feel jealous. Judge all you want but I need advice on how to deal with this ugly jealousy side of me.

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  • The same fucking thing I am stuck in ! Jealousy and the beginning of love are the worst feelings in the world. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-T_iWKWOzq3I/UjsWdDq9IaI/AAAAAAAACa4/crTaKQCT3pI/s1600/feel.png

  • jealousy is just a sign you care. I don't get why people make it out to be a bad thing.

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