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my mom is around 48, she is a widow. now, she has a boyfriend. and i found she took her own nude pic, a pack of condom and she bought sexy underwear. the problem is, her boyfriend is totally ugly and stupid. i don't want him to become my step father. and also i don't want see my mom act like a bitch.

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  • Be happy your mom found someone. Also, there is so much more to a person than just appearance. Her boyfriend might have other qualities she likes about him. Not everything is about looks.

  • Talk to her about it. when he's not around during dinner or something just start the conversation (not a one sided rant, a real conversation) tell her that you are a little troubled about her boyfriend. name the things you dislike about him. also state that you understand your moms wishes for a guy in her life (even though you might not) and tell her that it is perfectly alright to find someone. make sure to tell her that you support her but also that you would like her boyfriends to respect her and be nice guys, guys that don't have the problems that seem to trouble you. because you find she's worth way more than that. Make her feel like the best woman in the world and that you have her back.

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