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I fell for my bestfriend who's dating another of my good friends.. fml // The best part about that all is, I've met her like a half year ago, she just broke up with her abusive ex. I helped her, I came to her in the middle of the night 'cause she was lonely, I fucking drove with her to partys, I stayed by her at a party where she was going with another guy because he let her down for 8 hours and I didn't even wanted to go there ! I didn't even really liked her all the time, she was always complaining and whining. I was planing on fucking leaving the country to travel through europe. And now that she's dating a good friend of mine (the same guy who let her down) I'm beginning to fucking fall in love with her ? All I can say is fuck my miserable life ! Should I tell her ? Should I say nothing and leave, hoping she's going to be happy ? Should I stay here when she wants a relationship ? Im feeling like the dumbest human being on earth.

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  • tell her, you have nothing to lose

  • I vote you tell her. It is better knowing than regrating it latter on (their are few exceptions that i belive don't apply in your situation). If you think he is going to keep trating her badly just tell her atleaset she will know their are persons better than him interested in her which might give her the courage she needs to leve his ass. Note: I don't know their full story so take this advice with their history in mind.

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