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Instead of actually enjoying myself and my boyfriend during sex, I'm just self-concious almost the entire time. My self-esteem is so low I can't even look at myself naked in the mirror anymore. He calls me beautiful everyday but I hate my face. its not a weight issue or anything, I'm 1..5,6 and 130 lbs. I just hate the way I look. I've even considered plastic surgery but if I did that id regret it and wouldn't be able to live with myself.

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  • Do you look at yourself in the mirror a lot? Sounds like you stand in front of it for waay too long-everyone has some sort of flaw. Its funny because I have the opposite problem (I weigh way too much and the only feature I can say I like about myself is my face). I would only allow yourself time to put on makeup if that's your routine and then get away from the mirror/distract yourself. I would maybe even go as far as to put something over it after makeup. Its sounds like you are obsessing over it. Dont make pointing out negativities about yourself a routine. Point out stuff you can see as positive(your hair? Your eyes? Etc). Stop looking at the little details you see as negative and start concentrating on some little details you can see as positive. ...we really are our own worse critics...take care.

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