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i went to a christian school and the teachers were super hypocritical of what they taught. nothing really made sense and when i'd ask questions on what the things in the bible meant, they made me look like a bad guy because what i was doing what blaspheming. (i just wanted to believe what they believed in and i didn't know how to; ie how to have faith) i ended up hating God for a while, but recently i learned that i didn't hate God. I am religiously confused and i hated the people in that school who claimed they were above everyone because they served God.

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  • Never confuse church with religion.

  • There's a big difference between spirituality/personal religion and organized religion. I like spirituality but really dislike organized religion. Just because someone is part of organized religion, doesn't mean they're a spiritual person. You can believe in God, for and by yourself, but not believe in, like, or be part of organized religion.

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