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i feel like my life will never be mine. every one of my siblings has special needs and my parents depend a lot on me to watch them when they have to go to work and stuff. i feel like i could never move out, get married, have kids or a career. i don't think i will be able to find a man that will wanna marry someone that has the responsibilities that i have. i feel like my life will never be mine. suicide intrudes my mind constantly, now more than it did before because i'm getting older and i don't feel like i have anything to be proud of.

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  • You should ask your parents about seeking someone else who can take care of your siblings. If they can't afford one, there are financial aid programs available for that sort of thing. My aunt is a 55 yr old woman with the comprehension of an 11 yr old and my grandma can't take care of her AND my sick grandpa, so she received financial aid to move my aunt into a special facility where she can be monitored like she needs to be but she still has her everyday freedoms. Explain your feelings to your parents, and they should listen. If not, then it might be time to explain the situation to someone who can help with your problem.

  • dont! you have done lots of things to be proud of. managing your siblings and help your parents is one of them. think about how sad your parents would be if you suicide. if you are worried about finding a man just because they are bothered by you helping your sibling I think that man is not worth your time anyways. be strong and smile when facing those challenges you never know what it would do :3. or you know just think of it as living the life in hard mode. BUT THEN AGAIN! DONT SUICIDE! IM DOING THIS IN CAPS BECAUSE I THINK ALL LIFE IS WORTH IT!!! HNNAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! D:<<<

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