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I have a huge crush on my teacher and I hate myself for being so weakfor her. I am a girl and always thought I was straight until her class. not only was it a hard class but I was distracted and frustrated with myself for feeling this way and my grades suffered for that since I was too terrified to ask her anything. I really like her and she makes me so happy, though sometimes she could be full of it, but I'm afraid to be who I am. I've never done anything obviously because I respect her but she's just so wonderful! honestly think that I am bisexual but my mom thinks that it doesn't exist yet...here I am..existing! So if I come out I will be hated by my entire religious family and I'm super terrified.

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  • Me too, same problem here. God it socks doesn't it

  • If they really do because they say it's what Got/allah/jesus said, send them greetings from my church! We got safe people at the csd every year... from their ignorance agains bis/gays and co :)

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