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I don't want children, I'm terrified of the idea of having them and I couldn't be more sure about never having them. My family, friends, everyone who knows about me not wanting children either calls me selfish or doesn't take me seriously. "This will change with time" Since I was a child I didn't want them, now as an adult it is just unthinkable. I'm sick and tired of people just not getting in their head that there are people who can have a happy life without children - so I'm saving up money to get sterilised and to tell everyone I'm infertile. Then everybody will finally shut their mouths.

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  • Kids are aweful.

  • I am I'm the same boat as you. Everyone tells me I should and when will I have kids. Kids will ruin your life. However I am female and my doctor told me no not at least until I'm 29. I m 22 I envy you.

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