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I hate that my husband doesn't help me with house work. We live in an apartment. He never helps clean or do laundry. His idea of cooking is to cook the meat..... I hate it. I am not a fucking house wife. It's not like he works or does anything. I hate so much because when I ask for help he tells me no because he has to do the opposite of what is expected of him. He is almost 30 I'm 22. I'm beginning to think I should have never married him. I regret it.

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  • divorce if you're unhappy.Or at least let him know that you're not happy with him like this and that he needs to change something before you start falling out of love with him. This way, even if you end up divorcing he won't be able to say that you haven't warned him about things going downhill.

  • Suck his dick more

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