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I can't believe that in 2014 we still let ourselves be run by a gang of idiots with the vision of leadership that is suited for the middle ages at most.... When will we learn that we are many, we have the power to change, innovate, drive the human kind forward, not backward? You reading this have no power, but all of you together do, imagine what would happen if tomorrow everyone stayed home, just like that.

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  • Everyone is slowly starting to be aware of this situation and the best is, just like you said, to stay together, but it starts by changing your own habits and convincing others to follow you as a whole. Things like: Changing for a local bank, promoting local shops, investing on energy independence, growing your own food and most importatly mutual respect.

  • I'm sure it'll be a utopia. Until a dude murders you for almost nothing because there's nothing to stop him.

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