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Okay so I met this guy online and I've never talked to him back but I started to the other day and he's so sweet. I really think I like him but I feel so wierd liking him because he lives far away from me and I think it would be so foolish telling my best friend how I met him. We talk every night and everyday and I'm always tired to go to work because I'm always up with him haha, I'm not sure if I'm stupid to like him because I can't see him everyday. He says he wants to move out here for me but idk. He also said he loves me

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  • To be honest, one day you will just notice him talk less and less to you and some days even ignore you, then it will go from long night talks to those short messages exchanged rarely... I would say find someone who lives near you, and who can actually go out with you... meeting someone online who is far away will just get frustrating and then heartbreaking.

  • Just follow you're dreams, does it matter what your friends think about you? Real friends want you to be happy, and if you like him they will support you with it

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