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I've always seen women as nothing but things to use. sex, cooking, cleaning, ect... When my daughter was born I always thought she was just going to grow up to be just another dishwasher the world didn't need..now that she's almost 18 I feel like her boyfriend of 4 years gives her far too much credit and respect for what she does. Ive even tried convincing him to treat her like a woman should be treated, and to not let them think they're higher up than men, but the bastard only ignored me. He'll learn eventually, when she grows up even more and starts to think she can do things...I'm sorry I just hate women. all of them

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  • you childish piece of shit .. that's your daughter . don't you want what's best for her ? why did you even get married if YOU aren't good enough .

  • I am a single woman living on my own. I am successful in life and I didn't need the help of men to get here. My dad left when I was 2. And you're going to sit here and tell me men are better than women? We are not your slaves. Get up off your fat ass and clean your own damn house and make your own damn food! Men need women to live, not the other way around. What ever would you do without your maid?!

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