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Bokom Haram people are in nigeria and cameron, killing people with the intent of doing 'Allah's' work. I'm shocked Islam leaders in middle east are watching all these horror of killing, torture and kidnapping and are not taking any action about this. I guess they are in support of this.

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  • The Islamic god is a bloodthirsty monster. Eating bacon is haram but suicide bombing a children's hospital is an act of holy martyrdom? Satan worshipers aren't that fucking evil.

  • Shocked? I think they can't do anything except condemn whatever is going on, much like the rest of the world. Did you hear about what happened in Iraq? and Afghanistan? and Palestine? Why didn't Nigeria and Cameron do anything when Bush declared he was doing "Lord's work"? Oh that's right.. I guess Nigeria and Cameroon are in support of this.. I hope you got the point. They have enough shit on their plates to do anything other than condemn. They are Iran Khatimi, Lebanon Hizbullah, Syria ISIS, Palestine Hamas, Israel war crimes, Iraq terrorists (islamic state) , Libya Thowar (rebels) , Yemen Hothis (shia rebels), Bahrain Shia opposition etc.. to worry about

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