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My best friend tells me over and over that he's in love with me, but I don't love him that way. I told him this yet he still continues to bug me about it. I get good morning and goodnight texts that are at least a paragraph long. Now I'm falling for someone else and I feel guilty simply because he has the same name as my best friend. I don't know how to tell him that I'm in a relationship now, and that he needs to back off and give me space.

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  • Just be honest that way you wont feel guilty.

  • I would tell him that he has to give you some space and that he should stop trying to make you love him in that way. Because if hes not backing off and is not trying to be a normal friend, your relationship might get weird and you might have to decide between your best friend and your bf... Not sure if thats something he would want (at least if you wouldnt chose him). Good luck!

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