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if anything i'm a nerd but i don't get why i have have to like everything that is nerd related. i like star wars and star trek in almost the same amount. i don't get why do i have to chose between the two. i also never liked battlestar galactica, any dr. who, the star gate tv show, i'm not into board games, i have 4 comic books in my room (i regret having one btw). i don't freak out when a movie or tv adaptation is not loyal to the books. cosplay is ok but nothing i would do, i could care less about going to a comic-con and finally but not least i never called my right hand leia

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  • You are not a nerd. You like nerdy stuff but a nerd is by definition extremely overzealous to their interests which you are not. So really you aren't a nerd.

  • Your an individual. Keep it that way.

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