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I dont want to live anymore. its not anything very depressing but still... heres my story im a 15year old boy from europe I live in a small country my family is not poor but they are still below average me and my 18 year old sister have been bot figure skating since the age of four but my sister quit a couple of years ago. my sister and I go both to the same school which is also the best school in the country. my sister isnt so talented like me but she has managed to stay positive and get up from the deepest pits. but me I just cant handle it im tired all the time mostly because of trainings and stuff but my family keeps asking fir favors and I dont want to help them . I just want and need to sleep well that means eternally.

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  • Never take the easy road. You will never come back. You will hurt everybody around you because youre so selfish of taking your own life. Stop whining and talk it out with someone. And trust me i talk from experience

  • You always have a choice...always.

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