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I was in a relationship with a girl for a whole year and two months, i fell in love with her the first two months over the summer. We had a long distance relationship when I moved to school for around 8 months. We had a great relationship and we seemed deeply in love. I visited her around every month i could. Longest time I was apart from her during long distance was 3 months. We hit a rough patch, argued, and fought a lot over these three months. She broke up with me for about a week and then kept calling me and texting me going back and forth with me. She said she couldn't get back with me unless she knew I could trust her. I always trusted her, just was a little jealous sometimes cause she had a lot of friends and partied and i didn't have that, nor did I understand the dynamics of her friend base that well. She ends up getting back with me after that week. Our relationship couldn't have seemed stronger, plus I was coming home soon. I finally get home, and we hang out as soon as we can. She spends the night, we have sex, and the next morning i buy her breakfast. The minute I drop her off she breaks up with me and tells me she doesn't love me like she did. She says I don't trust her enough and its not about the distance or the fact I might leave again, and I stressed her out too much. Now Ive spent all summer working with her at a job we worked with each other last summer. She hardly makes eye contact with me or smiles in my direction. Im just a stranger and a coworker. The memories of the summer we shared before eat me up inside. I have no friends to hang out with, but she has all these people around her. She has had a great summer without me, doing things i could've done with her with all her friends. She acts like she never knew me. I want her back so bad, I don't know what I did, but I also don't want someone who can hurt me like she did. I hate her but I love her.

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  • Sorry buddy but she has someone else

  • Sorry buddy but she has someone else

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