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My parents are fighting right now, I'm 24, female, and can't do anything about it? why? because my mom is physically (there was a knife involved once) and verbally abusive. It all leads to an issue of may dad cheating 40 years ago. That's it, I thought my dad was forgiven but hell no, every year maybe 150 days on 365 days, my mom will bring the issue of the past along with her problem among my dad's relatives. I really want to tell her that 'Hey mom.. if you can't forgive dad why didn't you left him or just let him go, instead of bringing up the past whenever you have the time, which is most likely everyday.' I am just thankful that my dad is not a physically abusive person, he did answer/shouts back once or twice then he's quiet. I am really really sad, I am not taking sides, they both have faults. But if I am my dad I'll surely leave my mom years ago, and this leads to trust issues, yeah you bet, I'm 24 and still stuck here at home, while my schoolmate/friends from college either have a baby or married or happy. Because my parents, especially my mom is so strict, to the point where you have to go home exactly at 5 pm if you're not doing anything important (just hanging around), where you can only go out once a month or never. Where I can't have a bf just because she does not trust guys in general, my dad is her first, that is why I am guessing she did not know how to get hurt, fall and stand up. The sad thing here? I can't do anything about it, this has been going on for years since I was a kid. I am not in a country where you can call 911 or leave when you're 18. My mom likes reading everyone's personality and tell to your face that you are this kind of person, sadly... she can't see her own. Thanks confesster... at least I have someone to tell this to. I really don't want to bother friends with personal probs.

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  • I feel like its my confession as well. Dad cheated 30 yrs ago twice & since then my illiterate mom wore the pants of the house. When dad. Eat her up, she would beat my sisters, so he stopped. I am 30 now. Gay in India, not a good thing. My social life is limited to the gay friends I have. My self confidence has taken a beating. We have over the years come up from a bad financial situation, to a much better situation now. But what's left is the loss of desire , at 67 dad is yet running to make more money and we're living austre, despite having a lot of wealth. 3homes, 1 factory, 2 shops, plus some plots and ssufficient bank balance. I quit my job to finally pursue my masters, after 7 years of working and postponing it, and now my mom abuses m& taunts me every other day. the abuses and taunts really make me think twice before I call a friend over, coz I would be embarassed to no end if my mom abused in fromt of my friends. She also has issues if I call my friends over, because she has issues with entertaining people and yet insists on it. She steals from the shop, and also pickpockets from dads daily cash collection from the shops. She gets rent from the shops and other sources, and allll her expenses are taken care of , even though. This leads to financial stress on my dad, who does not get back to ger on these issues, coz she gets physical. Bangs doors, abuses very badly, throws utensils around, creating a very bad atmosphere , she cares less if the abuse is heard by neighbors. She accumulates all this stolen money and lends it to my dad @ 2% compound interest rate. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As a kid, a lot more shit was tolerated by us. I dont know what to do with her. I would feel little or no remorse if she died. Coz she has killed us all from the inside. I wish they were never married.

  • I feel like I just read my own confession.. my story is almost identical to yours. I started rebelling and calling the police on ny mother. I ended up having to stay at a friends. I still to this day call my mom out on her bullshit. Eventually I met someone, got pregnant and now we live our own lives in our own house and now I don't have to deal with her bs. I can leave and go home:)

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