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my best friend is always complaining that he can never do the things he like because of other people don't join in, like it's my fault that i don't like to watch a tennis tournament or go to the beach. no one told to quit school earlier to to be drafted to the army with absolutely no need or being in a really shitty job for 9 yrs that gave no room for personal and social life. it's all on you

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  • Gosh, sounds like you have it rough. It must suck to have friends that wanna hang out with. When My friends hang out with me, I just sit there watching tv, or get on my phone to ignore them. Any way, I just gotta ask if you graduated from school, cuz the way you use spelling and grammar is horrible. Lol, jk

  • First, their hadn't been a draft since Vietnam. Second, you're very mislead about the army. Thirdly, sounds like you have no social life, if you don't like to hang out with him. Maybe you're just a Bitch snob.

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