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I made a promise to the higher calling to do more charity work in exchange of my children's good health n safety (keep them safe from their father). Now there's this old lady who lives alone n her grown kids dont even come visit often. So i befriended her n do the driving n bring her out for food n stuffs. Now she has started to cling on me n it's ok but it does disrupt my routine. I cant turn her down cause i feel bad n also i made a promise. Omigosh what have i done. I dont know if i can continue this. I seriously feel bad for feelung this bad! Does it even make sense? Urgh!

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  • Jesus doesn't bargain. That's the other guy.

  • So you promised the higher ups good work for healthy and safe kids? Sounds selfish. Why don't you just do good works for no payoff, you know be a good person, instead of soliciting ultimatums .

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