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I am so depressed. I spend all my time at home, being a mommy and wife. I dont go anywhere, I have NO friends. And im not just saying that either. I literally do not have one single person that I can call or hangout with. Last time I hung out with people my own age was 6 months ago and it was with my ex coworkers. But I dont work with them anymore..which apparently means they can't call me back when I call. I'm so bored, tired, depressed and lonely. I love my child to death but talking to a child literally 247 is hard. And my husband works so much. I'm dying for attention. I'm literally at the point of walking up to strangers saying " be my friend!"

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  • me too. dying for attention. :(

  • Get a job. Not only will you get friends but extra cash on the side ;)

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