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I am so sick of seeing young adults acting like children. You are 23, have kids, married or not married, and attending house parties with underage drinking? REALLY? or leaving your kid at sitters or at your families every single day so you can hang with friends or drink. Seriously? I just wanna smack all of you! You say your an adult, you do adult things ( sex, drinking, kids ) but your mind is stuck in hs! Stop being irresponsible!

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  • Oh wow, you meant those kind of families. your confession makes a lot more sense now. I totally agree with you. seeing people like that make me sick. I suggest calling child support or something, they shouldn't be allowed to ruin your life like that.

  • Just because they have a lifestyle that still revolves around partying doesn''t mean they do not love their kids. they''re 23 not 50+. until i''m 40-50 i think i''ll still be partying ever so often.

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