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I really dislike the idea of 'bestfriends' liking each other while both in a relationship with someone, wth? Why do you have to go through that sh*t, and hurt other people, just leave your current and be with each other already, and don't reason out that you don't want your friendship to be torn, really? So it is ok to hurt your current?

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  • it's like two timing. a best friend is like a marriage. you should leave the best friend more or less.

  • I understand what your talking about, and in my experience, if you have truly fallen in love with your best friend and you're dating someone just dump them. It's not worth staying with someone when you know your heart is crying for another. Even if your friend doesn't come to you right away, just give it time, they'll come around. It doesn't matter how long your in the relationship for, don't look at it like your throwing away so many years. Wouldn't you rather be happy? I am worried about going out with my friend because I don't want to hurt the friendship but it has survived a breakup before, yeah its been rocky as hell but its still there. I'd rather give it another chance then sit around wondering and be with someone I know I don't love

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