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This actually bothers me a lot to the point of frustration. There is to be this gap between what seems right and logical in my head and what is right and logical outside mye head. I used to get things wrong all the time in school, until a teacher pointed out what I had done wrong and then it would be so obvious. And now 10+ years later I still get dumb little things wrong. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just a bit dumb?

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  • Sometimes, the answer it`s so simple and obvious you can`t accept it to be correct. And when you finally see it, you`re like "How did I not see that?". Try following your line of thoughts very carefully. Analyze how your mind works and try to understand what made you reach that wrong answer and try to understand how you should have analyzed the problem to get to the right answer. If you are not dumb (no offense), you`ll finally see a pattern in how you approach problems and you`ll be able to correct it

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