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i was inlove with one of my female best friends (male here) she didnt respond to my feelings and somehow after months i got over it...now after i started losing weight, dressing better etc i think she is starting to like me....idk what to do....i dont like people who only judge based on external appearances....any advice?

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  • I agree with ditching her. If she wasnt a good enough person to lile you then, she doesnt deserve you now.

  • Well appearances do matter (for everyone). If i (female here) think someone it totally unattractive to me, then no way i can imagine liking that person. If that person however changes and suddenly becomes attractive to me, why not start to think about her in a different way. How did she treat you before she got interested? Was she nice to you or just a bitch? Maybe she always liked you as a friend and then saw how you changed and admired that (because it takes a lot of self determination and strenght) and then started to like to new sides youve shown... Only you can say if shes a bitch or not. Im not trying to defend her no matter what. Im just saying theres not only black and white. Good luck!

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