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This is my life and this is how I want to live it. I didnt want to be stuck in a relationship where I didn't love him. I don't care how many years were spent to just throw away. If you fall in love with someone else while your involved with someone, take a step back and see why. What made you fall in love with them? You wouldn't fall in love with someone else if you werein love. So I left. I never second thought it. I fell in love with my friend, so I got out of the relationship I was in. I know it sounds bad and people will say it was a stupid choice and I'm ruining everyones lives, but I'm happier now, more then I have ever been. Im not seeing my friend yet, yes still single, but I'd rather be single then be in a loveless relationship. I have been scared that if I let him know that I still love my friend then our friendship may suffer, but we've broken up before and still remained friends. So everyone who is stuck in the same spot, if the friendship is strong enough, it will survive. So confession is, yes I broke up with my boyfriend so I could have another chance with an ex(who is still my friend too). Sorry but the heart wants what the heart wants.

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  • Some people will not understand why you left him, all they can see is you left him. Maybe if I am left by an ex which happened years ago lol, I will feel real bad, but guess what! I am much happier now because I found the right one, we both love each other, unlike my ex who does not love anymore. I hope your ex and the people around him or you, will someday understand that it is better that, that thing happened, rather than your ex will be cheated. Maybe it took a bit long because you think it twice, but it is still much better than continuing. Hope you find happiness soon!

  • I agree with you, it must be really hurtful for your ex bf, but at least you being honest is much better than pretending that you love him, and worse it may lead to loveless marriage which you prevented. Good luck, I hope your friend does love you too, if not , you know what to do anyway. :)

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