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I hate when your parents say you can date when they meet one of your boyfriends and likes him but you break up with. Him BC of he was being rude to you but when you get a new boyfriend they get mad and threaten to ground you just BC he lives not in the same city you live in but the same state tho they say 30minutes is a waste of gas money ya just BC u don't know him doesnt mean you can judge him and now not let me date BC of it but when I get a boyfriend that lives in the same city you let me date my parents are so weird

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  • To the comment below: oh come on, it's not that bad. She only used u once. Ok she might want to reconsider punctuation, that would be nice. But come on, it's the internet and as long as you can read it... But I hope you're not writing like that in real life ;) i agree with the advice you gave her though.

  • Take a deep composing breath. firstly please use 'you' instead of 'u' people will take you more seriously that way. the same with BC (because?) anyway back to your troubles. It is -your- happiness that you should be worried about. Your parents do have a say in the matter when he isn't treating you well but they do not have the right to deny you a trip ever so often just because it is a 2x30 minute drive. 60 minutes in a whole day is prettymuch not an issue. Perhaps... your parents are just concearned that he''s a rebound guy and not really suitable for you.

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