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Some months back i had read in the newspaper about the accident michael schumaker had. I followed the news for a couple of months and then forgot about it. I was never his fan but i knew his sport. I felt very bad about his injury and the fact that he had been in comma for a long time. Then some 3 months back i read his doctors statement which read he will never be awaken from his coma. When i read that i suddenly became cold and my eyes became moist. So i just closed my eyes n said " jesus only u can wake him and u will wake him up bcoz i have faith in u". I dont know y i said that but within 15 days i read that he was some what out of coma and was taken to a different hospital and at that moment i just cried. I proved the doctor wrong and my faith proved to be greater All i want him to do now is get well soon and look after poor n sick people so that they can pray n bless him even more..Maybe thats y god gave him a second chance.

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  • if there realy was a god there wouldn't be retards like you on earth

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