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I've had sex with this guy. After that he told me he goes clubbing and has done it with many other girls. for some reason, im afraid i have hiv

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  • I also forgot to factor in the gay population. Basically, Statistics is definitely on your side. That is to say your chances of contracting it are 1 in 20,000 (at best). Unless the person is indeed certainly HIV positive. Pray and Go!

  • Statistically speaking. The risk of contracting an HIV is basically relative to the number of people with HIV in your country. Let's say 1% (which is on the high side. -Of which 30% are physically fit and in the age group thatgoes clubbing and look healthy enough to sleep around with multiple partners etc. -of those people you have to factor in the fact that 99.5% of people clubbing would probably not have it at all. -Lastly Your chances of contracting HIV from sleeping with someone who had HIV is 50% (significantly higher if more than one encounter). Get checked. Put your mind at ease. either way it's a better option than worrying yourself sick.

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