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I travelled with a retarded person and afterwards came to de decision retarded people should not get a discount, but should pay an extra feed. They simply hold everybody else up and they have probably worked hard to go on a nice vacation. It might even ruin their plans for the day

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  • You suck

  • I personally think that assholes who believe that we shouldn't make allowances for those who are weaker than us in leasure activities should be forced to pay for their vacations. If it was your work, or someone was depending on you to be somewhere, fine be bitter about them slowing you down. But "I had to deal with someone who was handicapped while I was on MY vacation" makes you sound totally disconected with the prospect that you could have been that person in another life. I hope you get to spend some time in a wheelchair OP, so you get to feel what it's like to be viewed as a nuessance or an invalid.

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