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I'm going to start by saying I hate my dad. Now before you judge, hear me out. I am a 17 year old guy, senior year in highschool. And I have accomplished many things for my age that most 17 year olds don't. Here is a list from least to greatest achievements; I have passed with great grades all through schooling considering the advanced classes I take, I am an advanced musician( taking AP/college level music theory classes and in advanced symphonic ban, reading level 4/5 music comps), I learned how to play piano in a week for my theory class and became proficient in it in such little time,I lead 4x4 team to sectionals, I went to semi-finals for pole vaulting, and now I am working out an internship/Secretary job with one of the most prestigious lawyers in my city. These are all thibgs I want and I am proud of these things. But, most of this goes unseen by my family. They are only proud of me when I accomplish something they want me to do. They want me to grow up, go to school, be a lawyer/doctor. But because I don't want to, I get no praise or support. What I actually want to do is be a YouTuber/live streamer for video games or a tattoo artist. But because of that, they don't support me. They are not real strict but at the end of it all I feel like I am on a leash. My mother I don't mind so much because she just allows me to co-exist. But my father on the other hand is always on my ass, telling me that I am not a man. Why? Because I play video game, draw or do art on my spare time. He thinks manhood is based on how much manual labor you can do. I have been caught smoking weed, drinking, and all that because I was stressed about these things but, I didn't get in trouble for it. But just an hour ago, I got a lecture about how I am good for nothing and a fuck up child that is constantly on the computer. I got punched, yelled at, spit on. You name it. This is because I played some League after 10pm on my summer break. I could go out do drugs, kill someone, kill myslef, pary my ass off, fail school, and be fine because that's manly stuff. But lord forbid enjoying myself. And by the way my dad hasn't worked since I was born. He blames not getting a job on the economy. He dropped out of the 8th grade and he grows wees in the backyard. But fuck me right?

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  • One more year bro, and you can ditch out and become four times the man your father is. You can have a family and be the best father in the world.

  • Gosh everyone trying to make him feel better, but truth is those comments aren't helping at the end you'll always feel like shit. Cause the person you want them to understand doesn't.

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