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So. My two best friends stayed the night. One a boy.. The other a girl. I'm a girl myself and I don't see a problem with guys staying the night especially when I know the intentions of the night. Buuut my friends decided it would have been okay to start having dry sex on my bed. Now, Idk if others find this extremely disrespect and completely unnecessary but I do. I was furious at first but then I just got disappointed. I hurt honestly. They betrayed my trust in a way and k can't have them both over over at the same time again. :/

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  • Its different for people. I always told my friends that i didnt want them to have sex in my bed if they stayed over, because uts my bed and it would feel so fucking weird for me. If you wanna have sex, sleep somewhere else. But i have friends who dont mind if people have sex in their bed, they dont care as long as you change the sheets. I wouldnt have sex in some friends bed (well only if im sleeping with said friend ;) ) because i consider it to be rude but not everybody thinks that way. So you should communicate very clearly where you set the boundaries. But maybe i misinterpreted you and you meant you were disappointed because they were your friends and had sex anyway and somehow betrayed your trust with that? Sometimes friends become more then friends ;)

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