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My coworker is overweight and has been talking about bypass surgery for almost two years. We encourage her to walk more and we ate healthy with her for a good while in the office. I cringe when I open her drawer and see packages of candy and snack. When I go to lunch she'll order pita pizzas for delivery and hide it under her desk. I feel bad because I have completely lost sympathy for her. Like the whole weight loss thing annoys me because she doesn't really care to help herself

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  • There was this woman i knew who was so fat she needed help to go trough 2 stair steps (it was literally two small steps in the school entrance,her friends needed to hold her arms and kinda push her) and one day she was doing that while eating a gigantic bag of doritos,and her friend wanted to hold her hand to help her but she wouldn't let go of the doritos. i lost all respect for fat people the day i witnessed this.

  • Fat people love to make excuses

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