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My dad married three times. I have two half siblings who are only-child-children to their moms. I secretly despise their lives… completely spoiled and favorites of my father's family. My mom had two of us with my dad… when he died she had a hard time financially and their moms didn't. His current wife when he passed got all of his money and gave us scraps. I fucking hate that bitch..… they were heading towards a divorce. My dad would've wanted us all to go to college… not just her own kid. I'm making my way through though…. I just hate how life is unfairly handed out to people

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  • The kids with the new mommy always trump the old kids, there are bible stories about this phenomena. Anyway, life's tough kid. Wear a helmet.

  • After my father divorced my mother, he secretly married the woman he was cheating with for years before the divorce. I accidentaly found out they`re actually married after 1 year. Dad said he didn`t think it was an information I was supposed to know.. She has 2 children of her own, from her previous marriage. However, they seem to trump me and my little sister every time. I live in a small, old, rented studio while her sons lives in a big apartment in a newly-built complex (they bought him the apartment). I go to work on foot or by bus, the son drives his q7 to work. And my dad keeps asking me to come to this "family dinners" where I keep finding out details about their life that are killing me on the inside... I really-really-really don`t want to know how awesome your 20-days trip to Maldive was, when I have to save up money to go on a trip in my own country... I think I should cut ties with my father.. I can`t take this anymore.

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