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A guy broke up with me by telling me that he had no time to give back what I gave to him, saying that he "really" loved me but he couldn´t be selfish and bla, bla. Of course, I understand all of those things he said as pure excuses because he no longer care about me. Anyway, every now and then he randomly texts me but almost everytime he ended up telling me that he already had a girlfriend and that his life is going better than ever, one time I dindn´t replay to his texts and he told me "I´m going to send you my wedding invitation, in case you wanna go" and of course, I don´t make him clear that he truly hurts my feelings (well, not anymore), but I just cannot help it, I imagine the worst thing day and night. And I just reaaly would like to know why does hi do this If he was the one who broke up with me... Thanks for the help and advice!

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  • Maybe he just wants to make sure you're ok and wants to keep your friendship. He probably still care for you and loves you but in a different way then in a romantic way. That's the good side if he's a food guy. The bad side- if he's a jerk, he just wants to keep you around just in case things don't work out with his wife, he'll have someone to fall back on. Or he's trying to rub it in, that he has a new wife and such. Hope this help. Maybe text him and tell him that you don't understand why he's doing all of this and its hurting you and what you want from him( either stay civil friends and don't rub crap like this in the others face, or just leave your life) good luck girl. I feel for you.

  • My ex did the same thing. She didnt send me wedding invitation, she just announced to me that she's attached shortly after we broke up. She just pierced through my heart with her thoughless words. Months later, she told me she want to get back. When i tried to rectify our problems b4 getting back together, she took off, hurting me again. My ex is a butch. She's a jerk. I still love her though. Guess im dumb. I dont know what their problem is, but im thinking that they just want attention from us. N no friendship after a relationship don't believe in that.

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