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My best friend is changing but she denies it. She used to be so trusting and loving to others but now all I hear from her are 'she's way too skinny, she probably starves herself' or 'he's ugly! ewww! who would ever like him?'. I mentioned it once but she talks back to me in a shitty way and I couldn't believe it! But I forgave her because I knew that I might be able to change her back but I guess I was wrong. I'm not giving up but sooner or later, I might have to

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  • Give up on this permateen!

  • People change, whether it be a good way or a bad way. I hope they see sense, but changing someone just because you don't like it is a bit selfish... I understand it hurts to see people become the worst of themselves but you just gotta let that happen.

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