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Okay this is probably more of a rant but I am confessing. Why does every girl need to have a thigh gap and a pretty face to be accepted? Isn't being who you are more important? And when did it matter what you wear to a place? Whatever happened to expressing yourself? Since when was it okay to call people names because of how they look? Remember the saying, 'don't judge a book by its cover'? And this goes for the guys too. Guys have their own problems too. If you have a boyfriend and you happen to go on a date or something. Would it kill you to compliment him for getting ready? He compliments you, so why not? Girls self-harm and so do guys. Girls get attached to guys/girls and same goes for guys. But I guess guys can hide their feelings better than girls because that's who we are. There's no point in trying to please people because guess what? They're already judging you for no real reason. Maybe they'll have one but that's it. It's not your fault that you're not their idea of perfection. But to me, you are flawless and as cliche as this sounds, you're my idea of perfection.

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  • I don't like thigh gaps, my girlfriend has rather large thighs and I love them, she is my best friend and we compliment each other all the time. She isn't flawless and I love her for it, I love that we are there to hold each other's hands and stumble and make mistakes together. She is beautiful to me because her soul is so bright and pure.

  • i don't want a thigh gap, i want someone who likes me as a friend. doesn't happen, so i buy pizza. and no, this isn't ajoking comment -.-

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