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People keep asking me why I don't talk to old friends anymore… I just say idk. Truth is they were sneaky whores. I found text and facebook messages from them in my ex's phone. I read everything thoroughly… they all initiated contact. My closest friend would be asking him to go out and "what ya doing" and wouldn't even be calling me. They all knew that my ex… who became my fiance fathered a child outside of our relationship and never told me. They let me make a fool of myself and smiled in my face. I would fight and cry with these women… give them what they needed like sisters. It kills me that I never confronted them about the issue. I feel like they didnt deserve an explanation. Now I am single trying to convince myself that I am better alone and these fucking whores are in serious relationships.

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  • Had some major issues with my former bestfriend, I broke contact one day without a word. She wanted a explanation but she didn't deserve one. She sent some long message, ordering me to give her a explonation. I Read the text, ignored it, unfriended her on facebook, blocked her instagram and so on. Never heard from her sense then, hope I never will. My life is much better without her.

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