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I'm a guy and a little chubby and I want to fuck a girl friend of mine. She has a major crush on someone. She cheated with the guy as she was in a relationship. I've fingered her as we slept together on a birthday party two weeks ago but I want more from this friendship. We just kissed and fingered her but I want to fuck and she doesn't. I don't know if I'm disgusting her or if she's just not attracted to me. I don't know how to do it the right way cause I've never had a fwb. I'm still a Virgin but she doesn't know that. She has a high sex drive and she always got horny as we were made out and as I figured her she was very wet and had an orgasmus, I know she wants to fuck just not with me...:(

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  • Not much you can do it is all experience, move on.

  • lose the weight maybe????

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