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Once I looked into a mirror while I was lucid dreaming. I heard you would see what you truly think about yourself. Never had a bigger panic attack. I wanted to wake up but I couldn't. I lost my breath and almost fainted. Luckily my girlfriend woke me up.

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  • The same thing works if you hear your voice in a recording. It usually shows you what you most dislike about yourself like the mirror does. I hear myself as cold and nerdy, which is kinds true as I love video games and being smarter despite that being a small portion of my life. My sister always thinks she sounds fake, and frankly sometimes she is. A good friend of mine finds herself annoying I'd she's ever more than quiet when hearing her voice. For her it comes from being picked on by her older brother who always called her annoying when she was young.

  • What did you see? Pls tell, i hate it when stories are left hanging like this :(

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