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I know I'm one of the strongest in school, everybody who has seen me work out or without a shirt thinks the same. Apart from that, most people think of me as a nerd. I never get into fights or show off what I'm capable of. I don't want to get into trouble or hurt people and I'm pretty shy. The last couple of months I've been getting the urge to start a fight, just bare hands, no guns/knives/whatever. I know I'd be able to take several guys down before the teachers would even know. I wouldn't want to injure them, just show everybody that I can fight and fight well. It's not because I care what others think of me, frankly I don't care at all what they think of me. I just want them to know.

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  • dude start training a fight,boxing or something. i used to feel the same as you described,then when i started boxing it was so cool,everybody was praising me and guys were afraid of fighting me. it's really nice to have talent to do something.

  • It would be funny as hell when a skinny nerd kicked your ass in front of everyone.

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