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I make myself go to church, but I am not even sure I believe in God. I've seen too much bad and felt too much pain in this world to still have genuine faith. I still live life 'righteously', but I feel that's just what makes people good human beings. Not religion :-/

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  • Exactly. Being a decent human being is not about religion, is about empathy and common sense. Plus, the God the church wants us to believe in is a fantasy old guy living up in the sky. And this guy has a set of 10 rules that he wants you to respect. And if you break any of these rules, you will be sent to Hell, where you will burn and suffer forever. But God loves you.. Oh, please.. If this world is God`s plan, and we look around at what`s happening around the world, I`d say God either sucks at his job or He doesn`t care.

  • i had this trouble years ago... i still belive in god but not in the way church tells me... i can't bear the "fact" he is like an older dad and holds hands to evrybody... "he" ist more of a spiritual being to me, not that involved in everything humans do... church tries to "sell" you their idea of what they think, but if you crossread all the religious texts, you can find a huuuuuge difference between that and the "official" idea of it.

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