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When I was growing up, I was lead to believe that I could find friends with whom I could share anything and who would always have my back. A real brother, never wavering. Now I have realised, my expectations were unrealistic. To every person their own self is always a lot more important than any other friend. And everyone will leave friends behind. Me too. This makes me feel sad and alone in this huge universe.

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  • well, (I'm not craving for attention, or bitching about myself) but I think I'm like that friend you're looking for, because I allways keep worrying about others rather than me, or even missing important assingments or responsabilities to be or talk or help any of my friends, even though I don't have like a BEST friend, just friends that I see often, but even if I don't feel that, I would gladly even give my life for them.

  • hey, i thought it was just me. well, mybe there is someone like this, we just didn't found it yet. thinking like this makes me keep living

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