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I really think glorifying obesity is just as wrong as glorifying stick-figures, except it`s nicer to look at a skinny woman than at a fat woman. And fat/morbidly obese women who consider themselves as "having curves" and "being sexy" makes me wonder if there`s something wrong with how they see reality. Leaving aside the awful, outside-look, fat on you belly means fat on the organs also. Fat is not beautiful, fat is sickness, either because the said person has a medical condition or just can`t stop eating. Adress the condition but stop trying so hard to make fat happen. It won`t happen.

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  • You're right. there is a healthy balance, which for some people is harder to maintain than others. Physically healthy is attractive to me, I don't care about her having a thigh gap, a nice butt and large chest, I'd rather have somebody who respects their body and knows how to stay healthy, this affects their attitude and personality, which I also use to deem if a person is attractive.

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