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I have so much love for everyone else that I have none left for myself and I contemplate suicide every day.

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  • there is always love left for yourself. . you help others and theres nothing wrong with that :), you are a good hearted person who does good deeds for others. and tomorrow. the next good deed will be for a person that really needs your help. Go look in that mirror, and you will see who i am talking about. :)

  • You can't love others without loving yourself first, what you're trying to do is to others accept you through favors. Empathy is a double-edged sword, people could be using you because of your gift, the necessity of aproval of your peers can make you forget about yourself, try to be a little selfish. Think of it as an emergency situation first "you", second "you" and third , "the others", because you can't help others if you are also drowning.

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