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I've been throught depression for a while now, I just can't stand it anymore. My pills and my friends really did help me to get over it but it just won't end. I couldn't afford my pills for this month so It's my fourth day without them and I'm starting to break down. When I heard about Robin Williams yestersay, about depression and everything around it I couldn't help but think about myself. If he really commited suicide because of depression, what can happen to me? I'm scared of death, it's almost a phobia, I want to live eternally with my friends and the ones I love and I know I just can't. The only reason why I didn't kill myself is because of this. I try to go out as much as possible but I can't help to think about being home in front of my computer with my only source of happiness, my computer and my music. My father doesn't want to understand I am sick, my friends can't really help me... I'm just stuck and I know it. Back in the days when I was happier I remember when everything crumbled to pieces... When my aunt suddenly died from cancer, college, my girlfriend left me, lost my job and all of that in 3 months. It all started back then. Before that, I know I had a better life. Know I'm just trying to stick the the people I know who I just stick with because they are truly my friends... I just want it to end, please

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  • Find a supportive community on the internet, maybe try a new hobby - creating things can help, although it can be hard to start. I know it's hard, but remember you are loved and you are wonderful and you are worth it. Watching a funny movie or a comedian might help as a temporary boost/distraction? (It usually worked for me)

  • I understand you completely. I'm a psychologist and I'm also on meds and whenever Imissed them is horrible... you can control it. Everything gets better. Hang in there, friend!

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