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I deeply love my boyfriend but we keep fighting because he keeps bringing up my past relationships. He gets mad everytime he thinks about the fact that I had sex with other people before him. I repeatedly tried to tell him I don`t understand why it matters so much who I slept with before we met, because I don`t ask about his former girlfriends. But today, he got mad again and asked me to write him a list with all the guys I`ve ever slept with. I love him dearly and I don`t want to break up, but I honestly don`t think it`s fair to justify to him what I did before we even met. It`s tearing me apart.

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  • it's common for guys that are young and on their first relationships,i was like that some years ago,but,i don't really know what happened i don't think it was a specific event,but i just stopped to care about it,i really don't care if girls slept with other men before me. it's just something that comes with maturity i would say.

  • I've read the comments here so I thought, How about a different perspective. So he's crazy, a sick bastard, jealous etc. What if he's just insecure? You may be the greatest thing in his current life and feels that if he can't live up to the past men you've dated. thus yes, he is jealous. Then again, a lot of people are like this. What guy doesn't dread past boyfriends. "Is he bigger than me" " Stronger than me" "He may know more of her than I do" I don't know, but you should probably have a serious talk with him and communicate your stance. It may or may not work out.

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