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in a town near where i live a 27 yrs old man hanged him self in the garage of his 40 yrs old girlfriend. he did it because although she had this relationship with him she like to had sex on the side with men older than her because they were men of possessions and could afford her nice stuff. when my best friend told me the story he said that he executed the "perfect revenge" because every time she goes to the garage she will remember to see him hanged and dead. i would NEVER kill myself for no woman and totally disagree with my bro. with this frame of mind no wonder he's always in bad relationships when he gets on which is not that common

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  • Where I'm from, this dude (who has a twin brother) hanged himself from his ceiling fan because his ex-fiance cheated on him with his twin brother. He hanged himself the night before the weeding, 2 hours after he found out. (I know this cause he was a friend)

  • It`s a prefect revenge if she is sensitive and cares about this kind of things. I had a boyfriend who threatened to kill himself if I broke up with him. Which I immediately did, because I don`t like being emotionally blackmailed. A few days later, I found out he was admitted in the hospital for swallowing some pills. I didn`t go to see him and why should I? Clearly, he had a mental health condition and it was not my problem how he dealt with his demons. People need to understand each of us is responsible for our own actions. I was responsbile for dumping him and he was responsible for how he dealt with it.

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